Parent Education

For our currently enrolled families, we provide several parent education events throughout the course of the 2019-20 school year. The purpose of these events are to help parents better understand the Montessori method, why we do what we do in the classroom, and to help answer any questions that you may have about Montessori education in general. The ideal outcome is that your child will get so much more out of their Montessori experience if it is supported not only in the school, but also in the home. 


2019-20 Parent Education Events: 

December 5: Montessori and Language 

Download the articles here: 

Why Cursive First Sample Letter to Parents

Handwriting and Cursive Slideshow

Importance of Family Meals

Joy of Reading to Children 

Ideas of ways to help develop language at home 

January 25: Silent Journey 

Silent Journey is a very special evening for Montessori parents. It is an opportunity for you to see and experience Montessori through the eyes of your child. We first have parents come into the classrooms and walk around silently. There will be materials on the shelves and out on the tables to look at with some explanations about how the work is used and what it teaches. Then after the silent walk, we will have lesson presentations in the primary classroom followed by lesson presentations in the elementary classroom. The evening ends with a chance to debrief with both guides to answer any questions that came up during the experience. If you are unable to attend any of the other parent nights, try to attend this one. For many parents it is the "aha" moment in understanding what Montessori is truly like for their child! 

Here is a great website with photos of what a Silent Journey looks like to help give you a better understanding of this event. It's inspiring!

April 2: Freedom and Responsibility, aka Montessori Discipline

Learn more about how Montessori guides care for the spirit of the child, what freedom and responsibility in the classroom looks like, what natural & logical consequences we employ, what are rights and responsibilities, why we don't use punishments and rewards, how to talk respectfully to your child, and how to create emotional safety around tantrums and crying. Our goal for the evening is to provide you with information in a non-judgmental space that you can digest, take home, and apply what fits to your family and your lifestyle. 

Missed the event, or just curious about what was covered? Watch the video recording of the evening here

Download the articles here: 

Talking Respectfully to your Children

Creating Emotional Safety around Tantrums and Crying

Discipline as Guidance

Recommended Book List for Discipline 

Previous Parent Education Topics: 

Montessori and Math

Learn more about the overview of Montessori materials for teaching math, scope and sequence of the math curriculum, sensitive periods for math, the formation of the mathematical mind, and ideas and ways you can help develop and foster math skills at home. 


Download the articles here: 

The Birth of a Mathematical Mind

Montessori Basics: How Math Progresses Through the Levels

Ideas of things to do at home to help develop math skills

Montessori at Home: Fostering Independence

The evening will begin with a short video called Edison's Day, about a Montessori approach at home with a young boy and the amount of independence he is given and displays. It's very inspiring! We will also provide photos and ideas of ways you can help develop and foster independence at home. It's going to be a fun night! 

Download the articles here: 

Bringing Montessori Home

The Importance of a Simple Environment

Grace and Courtesy Beyond Thank You

Montessori Age Appropriate Chore Chart

100 Life Skills to Teach Your Child


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