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Here you will find a collection of parent-friendly Montessori resources. A quick Google search for "Montessori" can be quite overwhelming, so we have compiled some of our favorites from various resources online. Also, check out our Pinterest page for more ideas and ways to implement Montessori approaches at home. Looking for Montessori books to checkout from your local library? Download our list of recommended Montessori books. 




Trillium Montessori: Montessori basics, tips and ideas to help you bring Montessori into your home, using the Montessori approach in your parenting, courses for parents, discussion groups, printables, and more! 

Building the Pink TowerThe documentary film project Building the Pink Tower aims to quiet down the noise around education reform, offering a deep breath and the chance to rethink why education is important. Setting aside the discussions of failing schools, teacher evaluations, test scores, achievement gaps, and funding issues, we ask, "What is the true goal of education?"

Living Montessori: The Parent Perspective: Parents tell you, in their own words, what makes Montessori education special. Go "beyond 2+2" and see the difference that Montessori can make in your child's life.

Tomorrow's Child Magazine: Tomorrow’s Child is the Montessori Foundation’s independent, nonprofit magazine serving Montessori schools and families around the world. Published by the Montessori Foundation since 1993, each issue is filled with articles that address the questions parents most often ask about Montessori schools and Montessori in the home. Tomorrow’s Child answers the questions that every Montessori parent asks:

  • What will Montessori do for my child?

  • How can I be sure that it’s working?

  • What exactly is my child doing at school?

  • What can I do at home to help?

  • What can I do to support my child's school?

Tomorrow’s Child will help you understand and appreciate Montessori, and apply Montessori insights at home.

Montessorium Encyclopedia: This is a great place to learn about the famous Montessori activities, materials and philosophy, through explanatory photographs, introductory videos and written explanations.

Montessori Compass: Like the Common Core Standards are a scope and sequence for the curriculum covered in traditional education, the Montessori Compass does the same for Montessori education. Lessons and materials are tagged to the appropriate cycle years and are paired with very specific learning objectives, known as elements in the Montessori world. This is a great resource to gain greater understanding into your child's Montessori education. 

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